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2010-09-12: Pre-flight Testing

2010-10-02: Maiden Flight

2010-10-10: Third Flight

A windy day, but I had the urge to fly. This is getting addictive.

2010-10-10: Vibrations – Part I

Trying to figure out the tail vibrations.


2011-02-05: Vibrations – Part II

In Video #4, I noticed the tail was bobbing quite a bit up and down. I thought there might be something wrong with the tail.

However, digging a little deeper, I’m noticing the main rotor head assembly is wobbling side to side. I verified that the main shaft is okay, it does not wobble.

Take a look at the video. It appears that the main rotor head assembly is the issue. This is an expensive part so I don’t want to replace it unnecessarily.

I found an interesting forum posting on someone with the same problem with a TREX 450, see:

2011-03-27: Vibrations – Part III

I replaced the main rotor head block my TREX 500 and that has solved the wobbling that I was seeing in video #05. It seems odd to me that a head block would get damaged since its a solid piece of aluminum. However, there are two fins at the bottom of this part, they must have gotten bent somehow. My theories are:
[1] They got bent during my ‘hard landing’.
[2] They got bent because I tightened the ‘Jesus bolt’ too much..maybe.
Either way, I replaced the piece and it works much better

2011-04-22: Fourth Flight

First flight of 2011. I’m still a hit nervous since I did not fly over the winter. So I took it easy in this flight. After my flights, someone from the flying club came over. He noticed that my blade tracking was off. That is, when hovering, one blade was slightly higher than the other. We fixed it immediately at the field by adjusting one of the short linkage rods.

Eleventh Flight

My 11th flight day.  I’m gaining confidence and improving my skills. I’m okay to fly. Take-offs and landings are good. BUT it’s easy for the heli to fly a little too far or a little too high. This happens quickly and can be nerve racking. I have to bring the bird back into my “comfort zone”. So yes, I’m still nervous.
I talked to a another heli pilot at the field. He said it took him till the 2nd year to feel comfortable.