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I solved my problem with the Turnigy 8150 only seeing 5 of 6 cells.  There was nothing wrong with the battery or connectors.  The issue is with the charger.  To solve this problem, I gave a ~2 minute LIPO CHARGE to the battery (not a LIPO BALANCE).  Here are the steps with photos: Connect the […]

I am seeing a problem with my Turnigy Accucell 8150 charger where it only reads 5 cells during the battery check of my 6 cell LiPo. I have three 6 cell LiPo batteries, labeled battery “A”, “B” and “C”.  All three are the same make/model and purchased at the same time.  They are 20C FlightMax […]

Well, I’m stuck.  I need to power my helicopter in order to set up my servos and make other adjustments.  So its time to venture into the scary world of Lithium Polymer batteries or LiPo. These batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly.  There are lots of videos on YouTube showing what happens when […]