TREX500 Helicopter Project

My quest to build and fly an Align TREX 500 Remote Controlled Helicopter

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My 11th flight day. I’m gaining confidence and improving my skills. I’m okay to fly. Take-offs and landings are good. BUT it’s easy for the heli to fly a little too far or a little too high. This happens quickly and can be nerve racking. I have to bring the bird back into my “comfort […]

I’m seeing wobbling on the main rotor head.  I’m not sure if the head got damaged during the crash…or is it normal to have a little side-to-side wobbling.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

A windy day, but I had the urge to fly. This is getting addictive.


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I’m venturing into the crazy world of building and flying remote control helicopters. I’ve always wanted to fly these as a kid, so when a guy at work had one for sale, I jumped in. This blog is my diary of the construction and eventual flight (and crashes) of this heli. I purchased an Align […]