I solved my problem with the Turnigy 8150 only seeing 5 of 6 cells.  There was nothing wrong with the battery or connectors.  The issue is with the charger.  To solve this problem, I gave a ~2 minute LIPO CHARGE to the battery (not a LIPO BALANCE).  Here are the steps with photos:

  • Connect the balancing plug and the main battery plug to the charger.  (Just like you would normally).
  • Using your normal charge setup, set the Turnigy to LIPO CHARGE.
  • Start the charge.  Ignore any warnings about only seeing the 5 cells.

  • While its is charging, press the INC key to monitor the individual cell voltage.
  • Stop the charge after 85 seconds.  I saw the cell voltage increase rapidly from 3.5 volts to 3.62 volts in 85 seconds.

  • Now the cells are at ~3.62 volts (21.72 volts) which is larger than a fully charged 5 cell LiPo (5 x 4.2v = 21 volts), so the charger now sees it as a 6 cell battery.
  • Next step is to do your regular LIPO CHARGE.  Again, press INC to check the individual cell voltages to verify that there is no cell damage.  Monitor the charging.