I was struggling with flying nose-in. Every time I tried, my brain would freak out and I had to abort and rotate the tail back to tail-in.

After reading a suggestion from someone on an RC forum, I tried out their trick on the simulator and it worked. After 1 hour on RealFlight, I thought I’d try with my TREX 500.

This video shows my first attempt. I was able to fly nose-in, what a great feeling. This is not an instructional video, but it does show you how I did. I kept the heli up high in the air in case things went wrong.

The trick is when you’re nose-in, you have to “flip the circuitry in your brain” to view the blades as a plate that you have to keep level. If the “plate” tips to the left, then you need to “push-up” the left side of the plate by giving some left collective. Same goes for right, front and back.

Just remember to flip your brain back to normal once you’re no longer nose-in.

Good luck,

P.S. – Recommend that you click on the video and play it in full screen mode.