My First Crash

My first helicopter crash!  It happened so quickly, literally in half a second.  It happened on Oct 12, I just haven’t had time to update the blog.

After my third flight (see video below), I swapped in a new battery and did a fourth flight.  Everything was going great.  It was windy though.  A gust of wind pushed the nose of the helicopter up very quickly, I pulled it back down, but the helicopter dropped.  It landed on the ground at a bit of an angle, so the blade dug into the ground and that was it.

It was really more of a VERY HARD LANDING than a crash, but none the less, there is damage to the helicopter…which really sucks.  I don’t have any video for the crash, but I’ve posted photos below.

For instructions on repairing after a crash, click

Main Rotor Blade Damage

In the photo below, it looks like this blade slammed into the rear tail boom stabilizer.  Note the crack.








In the photo below, it looks the other blade slammed into the ground.  Note the separation of the top and bottom of the blade that runs the length of the blade.







In the photo below, there is a stress crack near the head.


Another large crack in the main rotor near the head.


Bent Flybar

My friend told me I probably bent the flybar, so I checked it.  Sure enough, I did bend the flybar during the crash:

  • Take the flybar and roll it along a flat surface.
  • If it does not roll flat, then its bent.  See the photo below where the flybar is bent up on the right side.

NOTE the gap between the tip of the fly-bar and the table.  This fly-bar is bent. 

Elevator Servo Gear Damage

After the crash, I checked to see if the servos were operating correctly.  The elevator servo was not working right.  I opened it up and some of the teeth on the gears were shredded.  Fortunately, they sell ‘servo gear replacement kits’, so you don’t have to replace that very expensive servo.

Gently undo the screws on the back of servo to pull the cover off.  Slide the servo out and be careful that the gears don’t jump out.

How to take a servo apart





Tail Boom Horizontal Stabilizer

When the helicopter hit the ground, the rotor blade bent and went into the tail boom stabilizer and snapped a piece off.  I’m not gonna bother replacing this piece.

Tail Rotor Torque Tube Gear Damage

Ouch, this is the worst one.  I guess the tail rotor also buried itself into the ground during the crash while the motor was still running.  This caused the tail rotor gear to get shredded.  This is a real pain since I have to take apart most of the heli to get at this part.

NOTE: The torque tube drive gear set does not ship with bearings.  This means you have to remove those tiny bearings from your existing set and transfer them.  It is difficult to remove those two bearings from the shaft.  I used claws of a large hammer to grip underneath the bearings, then used a screwdriver and another hammer to punch out the gear shaft.  See the photo below which shows how I removed the bearings from the torque tube drive shaft.



Purchased Replacement Parts

Here are the parts I had to purchase to replace all the broken pieces:

  • Align H50096T – G0927  Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set
  • Align K10423TA – DS510 Servo Gear Set
  • Align H50010T – Flybar
  • Stealth High Performance Blades ( – SBM-43042-3KL