TREX500 Helicopter Project

My quest to build and fly an Align TREX 500 Remote Controlled Helicopter

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My latest purchase, a 6 cell battery meter for my Lithium Polymer batteries.  Only $10 CDN from the local hobby shop.  It measures the individual cell voltage as well as the total battery voltage.  Very handy at the field to see which batteries still have some juice left.

I have always been flying with the NORMAL pitch & throttle curves. However, when flying on windy days, the wind pushes the helicopter up and down. If the TREX 500 goes to high, then I lower the left stick to bring the helicopter lower. The problem is, this also reduces the motor (head) speed and […]

Well, I’m stuck.  I need to power my helicopter in order to set up my servos and make other adjustments.  So its time to venture into the scary world of Lithium Polymer batteries or LiPo. These batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly.  There are lots of videos on YouTube showing what happens when […]

Spent some time today trying the ‘connect-the-dots’ between: Futaba 7CH radio transmitter and its bazillion different settings. Futaba R617FS radio receiver and hows its physically wired into the heli.  Which channel goes where? JR G7703D gyro and how it fits into the big picture. So if I flip a switch on the transmitter, how does […]

Today I flew the helicopter for the very first time!  I have never flown a real remote control helicopter before.  Everything went very well, no crashes.   I’ve spent countless hours training on the RealFlight 4.5 simulator…which is the reason I did not crash.  Practicing on the computer is absolutely mandatory. I flew for about 5 […]

I was looking for iPhone apps that might be useful for remote control helicopters. I found the following on the iTunes store: App Name & Link Author Screen Capture (Click to zoom in) HeliTach (a.k.a- Heli-Headspeed) Jacob Niehus RCpitch_express and RCpitch Gerhard Klauser rcFlightbook Claus Bonnhoff I’ve downloaded them and will do a review.  If […]

There was a article in the March 2011 issue of reviewing the G5 Pro carbon fiber blades from Mavrikk (  They were rated a 10 out of 10.

I solved my problem with the Turnigy 8150 only seeing 5 of 6 cells.  There was nothing wrong with the battery or connectors.  The issue is with the charger.  To solve this problem, I gave a ~2 minute LIPO CHARGE to the battery (not a LIPO BALANCE).  Here are the steps with photos: Connect the […]

I don’t have a fancy case for my Futaba radio yet.  I see people at the flying field with these metal cases with foam inserts.  I need to get one….someday.  However, for the short term, I’m going to make a ‘quick-and-dirty’ carrying case.  I found the original box that my Futaba radio came in.  I […]

I am seeing a problem with my Turnigy Accucell 8150 charger where it only reads 5 cells during the battery check of my 6 cell LiPo. I have three 6 cell LiPo batteries, labeled battery “A”, “B” and “C”.  All three are the same make/model and purchased at the same time.  They are 20C FlightMax […]