TREX500 Helicopter Project

My quest to build and fly an Align TREX 500 Remote Controlled Helicopter

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I found this great webpage on how to fly remote control helicopters.  Check out:

I have always been flying with the NORMAL pitch & throttle curves. However, when flying on windy days, the wind pushes the helicopter up and down. If the TREX 500 goes to high, then I lower the left stick to bring the helicopter lower. The problem is, this also reduces the motor (head) speed and […]

My 11th flight day. I’m gaining confidence and improving my skills. I’m okay to fly. Take-offs and landings are good. BUT it’s easy for the heli to fly a little too far or a little too high. This happens quickly and can be nerve racking. I have to bring the bird back into my “comfort […]

Today I flew the helicopter for the very first time!  I have never flown a real remote control helicopter before.  Everything went very well, no crashes.   I’ve spent countless hours training on the RealFlight 4.5 simulator…which is the reason I did not crash.  Practicing on the computer is absolutely mandatory. I flew for about 5 […]

2011-04-22: First flight of 2011. I went to the Stetson Flyer’s club field. I’m still a hit nervous since I did not fly over the winter. So I took it easy in this flight. After my flights, someone from the club came over. He noticed that my blade tracking was off. That is, when hovering, […]

I was looking for iPhone apps that might be useful for remote control helicopters. I found the following on the iTunes store: App Name & Link Author Screen Capture (Click to zoom in) HeliTach (a.k.a- Heli-Headspeed) Jacob Niehus RCpitch_express and RCpitch Gerhard Klauser rcFlightbook Claus Bonnhoff I’ve downloaded them and will do a review.  If […]

I was struggling with flying nose-in. Every time I tried, my brain would freak out and I had to abort and rotate the tail back to tail-in. After reading a suggestion from someone on an RC forum, I tried out their trick on the simulator and it worked. After 1 hour on RealFlight, I thought […]

My first crash!  It happened so quickly, literally in half a second.  It happened on Oct 12, 2010.   I just haven’t had time to update the blog. After my third flight (see video below), I swapped in a new battery and did a fourth flight.  Everything was going great.  It was windy though.  A […]

There was a article in the March 2011 issue of reviewing the G5 Pro carbon fiber blades from Mavrikk (  They were rated a 10 out of 10.

I’m seeing wobbling on the main rotor head.  I’m not sure if the head got damaged during the crash…or is it normal to have a little side-to-side wobbling.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.