TREX500 Helicopter Project

My quest to build and fly an Align TREX 500 Remote Controlled Helicopter

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Finally, finished the helicopter. Now it time to fly.   For more photos click HERE.

Tonight I went back to see if my blades were balanced.  The center of gravity for both blades was at the same spot, very nice.  Then I checked if they were balanced….and yes.  Wow, I’m very impressed with Align’s TREX 500 blades. I still need to figure out why I had the tail vibration near […]

Its not obvious how the throttle cut and throttle hold features work on the Futaba T7C.  After playing around, I finally figured it out. Click HERE to learn more.

Earlier this summer, my computer hard drive crash…twice in a 3 week period.  So instead of  building my Trex500, I was focused on re-building my computer.  Add in vacations and other summer adventures and not much time was spent on the trex. So, after 10 weeks,  I’m finally back on my helicopter project. This morning […]

I just finished steps 34-39 (click HERE) where I configured all the servos and linkage rods to ensure the main rotor head was level.  This took many attempts since it was my first time.  However, I think everything is level now with zero pitch. Next steps are to revisit that pesky gyro.  It seems to […]

Finally got the ESC programmed.  Servos are also moving IN-THE-SAME-DIRECTION.  Next is the swash plate leveling.

For some reason, I had a hard time getting my head around the gyroscope behaviour.  I finally figured it out.  Now the gyro and tail servos are all configured. Click HERE  to see how I configured the tail servo and gyro

There was a article in the March 2011 issue of reviewing the G5 Pro carbon fiber blades from Mavrikk (  They were rated a 10 out of 10.

I’m seeing wobbling on the main rotor head.  I’m not sure if the head got damaged during the crash…or is it normal to have a little side-to-side wobbling.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

Yesterday I soldered the XT60 connectors to the 14gauge wires coming from the Align RCE-BL60g electronic speed controller (ESC).  I’m not use to soldering such heavy gauge wires with sensitive electronics a couple of centimeters away. Click HERE to see the steps I followed. Later today, I’ll hook up the battery, receiver to the ESC […]