Wiring Diagram

The image below shows the wiring diagram for my TREX500 with a Futaba R617FS (7channel) receiver and a JR G7703D gyro.


Step 32 – ESC Placement

On page 20 of the manual, it shows two options for placing the ESC.  I went with option 2, placing the ESC on the side of the frame.  I think the wires will be more accessible with a side ESC placement versus under the battery.

Also, I’ll use the velcro tape to hold the ESC plus use some cable ties.

  1. Using the small piece of velcro from bag 500 HZ1, put the ‘fuzzy’ velcro piece on the ESC and the ‘hook’ piece on the heli frame.
  2. Attach the wires for the motor.
  3. Stick the ESC on and then secure with cable ties.

Step 33 – Battery Velcro

  1. Using the velcro supplied in the kit, put the fuzzy side on the battery and the hook side on the battery plate.