Step 13 – Tail Drive Case

  1. I’m now on page 12 of the manual.
  2. get bag 500HT4
  3. From the factory, the tail boom mount comes pre-assembled. Gently pull it apart using your fingers.

  1. Use the Green R48 loctite that can with the kit.  Put some on the shaft where the bearings meet.
  2. This to prevent the shaft from turning in the bearings.
  3. Also, put some bearing grease on the long umbrella gear.

  1. Gently push the tail boom mount back together.

Step 14 – Metal Tail Unit

  1. Still on page 12.
  2. The metal tail unit came from the factory pre-assembled.

  1. Remove each screw and re-insert it with loctite.

Step 15 – Tail Rotor Hub

  1. Starting page 13 in the manual.
  2. Get bag 500HT5B and bag 500HT2F

  1. Take the Tail Rotor Hub apart and ensure that there is grease and loctite.  I could not take mine apart, so I’m assuming this was already done at the factory.  Those screws were on their incredibly tight.
  2. Grab the pitch slider.  It actually has Philipps screws!!  First time I’ve seen these on the heli.  They seem tight enough, so no loctite required, I guess.

  1. Screw in the linkage ball to the pitch slide
  1. Now the tricky part.  There is a small M4 set screw on the Tail Rotor Hub.  It has to line up with the small indentation in the concave of the tail rotor shaft.
    1. Put some loctite on this set screw.
    2. line it up with the dimple and screw in the set screw.
    3. Put some CA cement as well.

  1. Now attach the metal T type arm to the tail rotor hub

  1. Grab bag 600NT2C

  1. put some CA and tighten the small linkage ball
  2. screw in the socket collar screw.
  3. Put some grease on the shaft.
  4. This is the end of page 13

Step 16 – Tail Boom Assembly

  1. Grab bag 500HT3 and 500HT3A
  2. Grab bag 500HT3D

  1. Slide the Metal rudder servo mounts on the boom
  2. For now, gently screw together the servo mount.  We’ll tighten it later.

  1. Next, slide one tail control guide down the boom.
  2. Get bag 500HT2G and bag 500HT2DB

  1. Slide the metal stabilizer mount down the boom.
  2. Slide the other tail control guide down the boom.
  3. Attach a ball link to the tail rudder control rod and slide it through the tail control guides.

Step 17 – Torque Tube

  1. slide the MR106 bearing onto the torque tube.  Position it at 22.6cm from the left and 24.1cm from the right.  Slide it to the left by 3 mm, apply some CA cement and slide it back over the cement to fix the bearing in place.

  1. Once the glue dries, ensure the bearing rotates freely.
  2. Gently slide the rubber torque bearing holder over top.

  1. Apply oil to the outside of the rubber holder to allow it to slide easier down the tail boom tube.

  1. Spray some WD40 or other light oil inside the boom tube.  This is to allow the torque tube to easily slide into the tail boom tube.

Step 18 – Put Tail Drive Case, Tail Boom and Tail Rotor Together

  1. Push the tail boom into the Tail Drive Case.

  1. Using pliers, close the tail drive case.

  1. Open bag 500HT4A
  2. Find the two M3x10mm socket screws and two M3 nuts and screw them in.
  3. Slide the tail rotor assembly onto the other end of the boom.  If you rotate the gears at the other end, you should see the rotor move freely.
  4. Screw on the 3K CF Vertical Stabilizer.
  5. Ensure the stabilizer is perpendicular to the Tail Drive Case, that is its vertical.

  1. Snap on the tail rotor linkage ball onto the ball link at the end of the tail rudder control rod.

At this point, I have not attached the Tail Boom Braces and I have not secured the 3K CF Horizontal Stabilizer.  I’ll attach the 3k CF Tail Blades later as well.

This completes page 14 in my manual.