Step 19 – Tail Case into Frame.

  1. Push Tail Case into Frame until is snaps into the alignment notches.
  2. loctite and put in the 8 socket button head screws with washers.

Step 20 – Tail Boom Brace

  1. Now that the Tail Case is installed in the Frame, I’ll install the two tail boom braces.
  2. Slide the metal stabilizer mount into position.
  3. Put some scotch tape on the boom to avoid slipping
  4. Loctite and screw everything together.

Step 21 – Tail Servo

  1. Since the TREX500 kit does not come with a tail servo, you have to purchase one separately.  I purchased a Futuba S9257 (FUTM0667).  It has the following specifications:
    1. Speed :
      1. 0.08 sec / 60 @ 4.8volts
    2. Torque:
      1. 2.0 kg-cm @ 4.8volts or 27.8oz-in @ 4.8volts
  2. For mounting this servo, I used the plastic servo nuts supplied in the TREX500 box.
  3. This servo only runs at 4.8v.  I need to purchase a ‘set-down’ from Align since I won’t be running this servo at 6volts.
  4. In order to determine which arm to use and where to put the linkage ball, I need to connect the Gyro.  So for now, I’ll stop.

I actually need to power up the servos and gyro to do a number of adjustments before continuing.