Step 27 – Electronic Speed Controller Preparation

My TREX500 came with the following Electronic Speed Controller (ESC):

  • Align RCE-BL60G
  • Brushless Motors Speed Controller
  • Input voltage – from battery:
    • DC 5.5v to 25.2v @ 60amps
  • Output voltage – to Receiver:
    • DC 5v, 5.5v, or 6.0v

I purchased the following battery for my TREX500:

  • Lightmax 2650 High Discharge Li-Po Battery
  • 20c series Zippy Battery (
  • 6 cell (22.2volts)

This battery comes with a XT60 female connector on it.  So I purchased a bag of these connectors since I need to solder the male version onto the wires coming from the ESC.

Soldering Iron

  1. I used a Weller WL100 soldering iron (40w).  Due to the thickness of the wire coming from the ESC (14 gauge), you need a heavy duty soldering iron.  So my little 15w soldering iron won’t cut it.  So I used a 40W, which was sufficient.

Go Shopping

  1. From HobbyKing or other your local hobby store, purchase a bag of those XT60 connectors.  Get at least two males and two female connectors.

  1. Go to Radio Shack (a.k.a The Source in Canada) and purchase:
    1. solder
    2. solder paste to clean everything
    3. heatshrink tubing (1/4″ diameter) as shown below.

Be Careful

The key thing is you don’t want to cook the electronics inside the ESC by keeping the soldering iron on the wire for long periods of time.  By using a low power soldering iron, you’ll simply be heating everything up, but you won’t be able to heat up the wires enough for the solder to flow throughout.  That is why you go with a 40W soldering iron.  Some people use 50W and 60 W.  Too hot and you’ll melt the XT60 connectors.  I only needed to apply the soldering iron for 1-2 seconds until the solder started to flow.

Using A Heat Sink to Dissipate the Heat

This might be a bit OTT (“over-the-top”), but I created a small heat sink in order to draw the heat away from the ESC’s electronics in order to minimize the chance of heat damage.  Here is what I did:

  • take one of the spare female XT60 connectors and solder some long wires to it.  This is my HEAT SINK.

Step 28 – Soldering the XT60 to the Align RCE-BL60G ESC

  1. Push the female connector onto the heat sink harness created above.
  2. slide the heat shrink tubing on each wire coming from the ESC.
  3. Put solder paste on the wires and the connectors.
  4. Solder the RED wire.  Wait for everything to cool down (a couple of minutes).
  5. Solder the BLACK wire.  Wait for everything to cool down (a couple of minutes).

Shown below is a photo showing the HEAT SINK wire on the left and the ESC assembly on the right.  During the soldering, the HEAT SINK is plugged into the ESC assembly in order to dissipate the heat through the wires on the left.