Now that I’ve soldered the XT60 connector to my Electronic Speed Controller, its time to program it using my Futaba T7C.

I wanted to program the Align RCE-BL60G speed controller BEFORE connecting any servos.  The reason is this ESC supports 3 different output voltages: 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0volts.   Although the three servos that Align supplied in the TREX500 kit handle voltage from 4.8v to 6.0v, my tail servo (Futaba S9257) only handles 4.8v.  Also, my understanding is that you go with 6.0v on the servos if you are doing acrobatics since it gives quicker servo response time.  I’m a beginner, so I’ll program the ESC to use 5.0volts.

[If I wanted to go with 6.0v, I would need to purchase a small voltage step-down converter]

Step 29 – Reverse the Throttle for the Futaba T7c Transmitter

  1. In order to program the Align RCE-BL60G using the Futaba T7C radio, you must reverse the THROTTLE channel.  Do this before powering up the ESC otherwise the motor will spin like crazy.
  2. On the radio:
    1. REVERSE:   CH3

Shown below is a schematic of how I’ve wired it.  Since I have a 7 channel Futaba RS617FS receiver, the throttle is channel 3, so I plug the ESC into ch3.

You need to connect the motor since it emits the beeps that you need to hear for the programming.

Step 30 – Syncing the receiver to transmitter

  1. Follow the directions in the Futaba T7C user manual on how to sync with the receiver.  Here are the steps.
  2. Turn on the transmitter and check the LEDs on the back indicate that the RF is active [green LED solid on].
  3. Connect the battery to the ESC.  This will in turn power the R617FS receiver.
  4. Press down the EasyLink button for more than one second.
  5. Remove the power from the ESC and hence the Receiver.

You need to plug in the motor since it emits the beeps.  Temporarily sSecure the motor in the frame, but do not let the motor engage the main rotor gear.  This way if the motor starts to spin, it will not turn the main gear.

Step 31 – Programming the Align RCE-BL60G ESC

  1. Turn on the transmitter.
  2. Put the Throttle stick (left one) to the maximum, that is, push it straight ahead.
  3. Plug in the battery to the ESC.
  4. Follow the instructions in the manual.  Here is how I programmed my ESC, the shaded values are my settings:
Throttle Position
Setting Parameter Low-stick Mid-stick High-Stick Comment
1 BRAKE Brake Disabled Soft Brake Hard Brake Disabled for heli’s.  Only used for airplanes

2 pole motors


6 pole motors

3 BATTERY PROTECTION High cutoff voltage Mid cutoff —- Want to protect my LiPos.
4 AIRCRAFT TYPE Normal Airplane Heli-1 Soft start Heli-2 soft start + governor
5 THROTTLE RESPONSE SPEED Standard Medium Quick For novice pilots
6 BEC OUTPUT VOLTAGE 5.0 volts 5.5 volts 6.0 volts My tail servo is 5 volts

Unfortunately, there is no audible beep configuration that the BEC output voltage was set to 5.0 volts.  So I had to connect a voltmeter to confirm the setting.  In my Futaba transmitter box, there was a small on/off switch that is used with airplanes.  I connected it to the tail rudder output channel and measure the voltage.

That’s it you’re done.