I’ve have been trying for the last couple of hours to transfer the contacts from my Samsung u540 Intensity (Telus) cell phone into Outlook.

Bitpim and the Samsung PC Suite do not support the Samsung u540.

I’ve tried the Windows XP Bluetooth Exchange feature in Windows XP, but this only allows me to send one contact at a time! Well with over 126 contacts, this isn’t feasible.

I also tried the USB cable, but it only mounted the phone as a removable hard drive. This allowed me to copy all my photos, music and videos off the phone…which I need to do anyway.

I did get this to work using Bluetooth transfer between the phone and a Bluetooth enabled laptop. It is very tricky, so follow the steps below carefully:

Equipment and software needed:
a) Bluetooth enabled laptop. I’m running Windows XP.

Windows XP Steps:

1) Open Outlook on your laptop.

2a) On your phone, enable Bluetooth as follows:


At this point, you should see your laptop listed there.  Cursor down to highlight the laptop.

  • select TRANSFER at the bottom left of the phone screen.
  • select CONTACTS  (or CALENDAR)
  • you should now see all of your contacts.  Select OPTIONS ->SELECT ALL
  • select SEND CONTACT

You should now see a message:  Make sure Gary’s Laptop is ready to receive and press SEND.

Windows will now detect that phone is trying to PAIR with it.  A small pop-up bubble will appear in the Windows Task bar (bottom right of your screen right above the Bluetooth icon).  You should now see the screen below:

It will start to transfer the contacts from the phone to Outlook’s CONTACT folder.

Once its inside Outlook, you can export it to a CSV or other formats.

If you don’t have Outlook, you can configured Windows Bluetooth File Exchange to store the contacts as VCARDs in the c:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder.

MacOS X Steps:

…do this later today..