Blade mCPx Helicopter Project

I recently purchased the E-Flight Blade mCPX remote control helicopter.  I purchased the Ready To Fly (RTF) version which means the radio is included.  Part number BLH3500.

The Blade mCPX is a flybarless micro-heli.  The reason I bought is was because you can do 3D acrobatics with it.  Also, it has been getting great reviews on the Internet and in magazines.  You can see my photos, videos and follow me on my blog:

Canadian Geese Photos

Every spring, the migratory Canadian Geese stop by in our parking lot at work, to lay their eggs.    Building security even puts up pylons to cordon off the area where the nests are.  New for this year, the geese are perching themselves on top of the cars!  Quite a bold statement indeed.

Using iMovie to Create a High Def Movie for Samsung Televisions

This post shows you how to configure the Apple iMovie09 movie creation software to export a movie that you can play in High Def (HD – 1920 x 1080) on your Samsung television

The newer (~2010) Samsung LCD and LED televisions have the ability to play music, photos and video from a directly attached USB devices.  This allows people to store photos, music and videos on a USB key or USB hard drives and then attach to the TV for playback.  As well, many people now have cameras and cellular phones that record video in High Definition (HD).  This means you can easily play your home made HD video in HD on your TV.

On a recent business trip to India, I took lots of photos and video.  Using iMovie09, I created a nice travel video showcasing all the places I visited.  It had a mix of still photos, HD video, regular definition video (SD) and music.   India is a beautiful country,  so I really really wanted to show the movie in HD.  I don’t have a Blu-Ray disc burner, so my only option is to export the movie from iMovie onto my 8gig USB key and then plug the USB key into the Samsung TV for playback.

Here are the steps:

  • Construct your movie using iMovie.
  • Use the settings shown in the image below:

In the Samsung TV user manual, there is a table titled “Supported Video Formats”.  This is an excellent table (thank you Samsung).  It lists the various movie formats, resolution, frame rate, bit rate and audio codecs supported.

For 1920 x 1080 resolutions with HD encoding (25Mbps), Samsung supports the following formats:

  • AVI (H.264 BP/MP/HP)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video v9)
  • MP4 (H.264 BP/MP/HP)

I created some 15second movies in each format.  The Samsung TV only recognized the MP4 format.

NOTE #1 – Issue with iMovie 09 and error code 2125

My video was only 34 minutes long.  I have 200Gig free on my hard drive.   It took iMovie 2 hours to render my movie.  After two hours, the rendering failed throwing an iMovie error 2125.

To fix this problem, I had to remove the CHAPTER MARKER I had put at the beginning of the movie.  It turns out there is a bug in the software:  you cannot have chapter markers in the first few seconds of the movie, otherwise QuickTime will fail the render.

I removed that marker and re-rendered the movie, it worked.

NOTE #2 – High Definition Movie File Size

With the bit rate set to 25Mbps, you are pushing 25Mbits  or 3.2 Mbytes per second into the TV to display your movie in high def.  This works out to ~200 Mbytes per minute of data.

My movie was 34 minutes long, so 34 x 200 Mbytes = 6.6 Gbytes of data.  However, there is some data compression, so my actual file size was:

  • 4.2 gigabytes for 34 minutes of high def video.

This file size easily fits on a 8gig USB key.  If you’re planning to show your 2 hour HD movie at your friends house, you’ll need a 16gig or 24gig USB key or external hard drive.  So filesize is something to keep mind.


Trex 500 Helicopter Proejct

During 2010, I built a remote control helicopter.  These aircraft are extremely complicated machines.  I created a separate blog to track my progress and share my experiences.  Please check out:




How To Transfer Contacts from a Telus Samsung Intensity u540 to Outlook

I’ve have been trying for the last couple of hours to transfer the contacts from my Samsung u540 Intensity (Telus) cell phone into Outlook.

Bitpim and the Samsung PC Suite do not support the Samsung u540.

I’ve tried the Windows XP Bluetooth Exchange feature in Windows XP, but this only allows me to send one contact at a time! Well with over 126 contacts, this isn’t feasible.

I also tried the USB cable, but it only mounted the phone as a removable hard drive. This allowed me to copy all my photos, music and videos off the phone…which I need to do anyway.

I did get this to work using Bluetooth transfer between the phone and a Bluetooth enabled laptop. It is very tricky, so follow the steps below carefully:

Equipment and software needed:
a) Bluetooth enabled laptop. I’m running Windows XP.

Windows XP Steps:

1) Open Outlook on your laptop.

2a) On your phone, enable Bluetooth as follows:


At this point, you should see your laptop listed there.  Cursor down to highlight the laptop.

  • select TRANSFER at the bottom left of the phone screen.
  • select CONTACTS  (or CALENDAR)
  • you should now see all of your contacts.  Select OPTIONS ->SELECT ALL
  • select SEND CONTACT

You should now see a message:  Make sure Gary’s Laptop is ready to receive and press SEND.

Windows will now detect that phone is trying to PAIR with it.  A small pop-up bubble will appear in the Windows Task bar (bottom right of your screen right above the Bluetooth icon).  You should now see the screen below:

It will start to transfer the contacts from the phone to Outlook’s CONTACT folder.

Once its inside Outlook, you can export it to a CSV or other formats.

If you don’t have Outlook, you can configured Windows Bluetooth File Exchange to store the contacts as VCARDs in the c:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Bluetooth Exchange Folder.

MacOS X Steps:

…do this later today..


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Welcome to my blog

The purpose of these blogs is to share information with others. Over the years, I have found myself searching the Internet for solutions to various problems I was encountering. Many times I found answers on people’s blogs or in user discussion forums. They have saved me hundreds of hours of frustration. So now its my turn to return the favor. Enjoy and please leave a comment if you find this site helpful. Gary